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Providing Basic Infrastructure

See how just $29 or $150 a year gives hope to a Burundi student.

infastructureThe Need

In 2015, the government imposed severe restrictions on NGOs! The Burundi Education Fund now directs its focus on Burundi refugee students in Rwanda and Uganda.

[This page refers to some of our prior work in Burundi]

We are committed to restoring basic infrastructure in schools and solving the following current issues:

  • Many of the school structures were built between 1950’s and 1970’s and cannot accommodate the high number of students.
  • The few toilets built years ago in these schools are unsanitary. Instead of using these toilets, many of the students relieve themselves in the bushes surrounding the school. Some girls, reluctant to do this, simply quit school.
  • Running water is not available in most schools.
  • Electricity is unheard of in the majority of schools.

infastructure-2Breaking Ground

In 2012, The Burundi Education Fund completed construction of a 26-bed dormitory that provides a safe shelter for the girls of Muramba High School. This dormitory greatly reduces the high risk of children being assaulted on their long commute to and from school. For the first time in their lives, these girls can read at night and sleep on mattresses.

We are also proud to announce that we built a running water fountain that provides drinking water to more than 1,900 students in the Mubimbi district while they are at school. Upcoming projects involve water as well as portable latrines that will later supply fertilizer for nearby school gardens.

In each of the past and future infrastructure projects, children and local communities show their commitment by contributing at least 10 percent of the cost.