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Board Members

Meet the dedicated group of professional volunteers working together to improve the lives of the children of Burundi.

Board Members

Burundi Education Fund Board members are a group of dedicated world citizens who believe education is the foundation for a better future. Our team is made up of individuals with various backgrounds who live in Africa and in North America. We are educators, business leaders, missionaries, workers, retirees, and students.

Jane Buch

Board Director, Fundraising and Community Outreach Committee

Nancy Jodarski
Cormac Joyce

Board Secretary, Transfer Student Committee

Dan Krueger

Board Director, Strategic Planning Committee

Amanda Lauer

Board Director, Marketing Committee

David Lee

Board Chair, Treasurer & Strategic Planning Committee

Mark Lee

Advisor, Marketing Committee

Denise McQuillen

Board Director, Fund Raising Committee

Chris Ming

Advisor, Strategic Planning Committee

Egide Nimubona

Board President

David Sier

Board Director, Chair, Project Management Committee

Kelly Stephens

Advisor, Marketing Committee

Will Woolman

Board Vice President & Chair of Strategic Planning Committee