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Books for Burundi

Every $1 donated=1 book to a student in Burundi

Books for Burundi School Children

The Books for Burundi project was initiated by the Burundi Education Fund in 2013 to provide books for all age school children in Burundi, Africa.  Schools in Burundi are lacking in textbooks at all grade levels.  Students learn primarily by memorizing information presented by teachers.  Reading “for enjoyment” is also very limited.  Few schools have a library available to students, and there are no public libraries in Burundi.

Through the Books for Africa program in Minneapolis/St Paul Minnesota, we have access to many new, free books that we plan to send to Burundi.  We also have had many books donated by students, teachers and families in the Green Bay diocese.  Our goal is to send a forty foot container of new or “gently used” books to Burundi as soon as possible.   A container of this size will hold approximately 22,000 books.  The cost of shipping the container of books to Tanzania and then overland to Burundi will be equal to $1.00/book.

Every $1 donated=1 book to a student in Burundi

The mission statement

“The Burundi Education Fund is a charitable organization formed to provide materials and financialStudents support to students and schools in extreme poverty in Burundi, Africa.  The Burundi Education Fund’s ultimate goal is to help children remain in school and eventually become self-reliant adults, leading to a break in the cycle of excessive poverty in their families.”