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Building a Brighter Future

We are committed to restoring hope and contributing to a brighter future for the school children of Burundi.

brighter-futureRestoring Hope in Burundi and Beyond

We are committed to restoring hope and contributing to a brighter future for the school children of Burundi. Through our local sister charity organization in Burundi, the Burundi Education Fund, Inc. had supported more than 250 extremely poor children in six secondary schools from 2010-2015. In the beginning, in Burundi, we provided school supplies, bed sheets, personal hygiene items, and buckets (to transport water for bathing). Over time, it became important that students learn how to manage finances themselves with the help of the school administrators. Subsequently, monetary gifts were provided to cover annual tuition fees ($29), school supplies, uniforms, transportation and a medical checkup.

With the political unrest in Burundi since April 2015, our focus has shifted to children who fled their homeland and became refugees in the neighboring countries of Rwanda and Uganda to the north. Many of these children have no parents. Burundi Education Fund, Inc. is sponsoring hundreds of students to attend elementary and secondary school. Annual tuition fees vary from $100 to $400.

Yes, our goal and mission remain the same. Only the geography is different! Please consider helping refugee children attend school.

Unstructured Education Systems

brighter-future-2Education for refugees is challenging. The issues of deep poverty make it difficult for most students to obtain an education. However, poverty isn’t the only underlying cause of poor education. Access to schooling is often challenging since public schools don’t always admit refugee students. Consequently, many of the students that we support must either attend private schools or no school at all.



in Burundi. After the 6th grade, the Burundi Educational System simply does not have the room or resources to place children in schools. This results in very strict competition among sixth-graders  to be selected for the next grade. Even if a student passes the difficult placement tests, he or she may not be able to afford the tuition fees or school supplies, thereby eliminating his or her chance to continue to learn.