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Comprehensive support for students

Books aren't enough - food & healthcare are needed

maslowMaslow asserts that people cannot strive towards higher needs whilst their more basic needs go unattended…food, shelter, & health come before development, confidence, & creativity. Case in point, students can’t fully apply themselves to their studies while deprived of food. In 2018 we began to address this topic for the student’s that we had already qualified to support. http://www.educateburundi.org/supplemental-nutrition-assistance/

But the corona virus pandemic shows that it goes even deeper than that. When the student (or his parent) is sick or injured, then that condition inhibits their education as well. Yes, even when BEF pays tuition & fees for a student, sometimes the student believes he needs to leave school so as to work in order to help pay family bills when the parent is injured/ill.

IMG-20200715-WA0001So the next step in our mission to educate children is to help their families attend to the healthcare needs of the student and/or parent. Obviously, we’re not talking about providing everything for everybody. Yet we try to help where we can with the means we have. Our target audience is limited to the students that we have already qualified for educational assistance. BEF makes extensive effort to qualify student-families on the front end of the application process.