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Your generous donation can go a long way. Thank you for your support


Your tax-deductible donation gives much needed hope to those in need. The Burundi Education Fund has no employees and pays no salaries. All individuals helping from America and other foreign countries are volunteers. Over 96 percent of your gift goes directly to assist each program!

All donations are managed by the Catholic Foundation for the Diocese of Green Bay, Green Bay, WI.

A Little Goes A Long Way

For less than 50 cents a day, we are able to pay all educational and supporting costs for a child in Burundi. The following is a cost breakdown of a typical tuition year:

  • $18 per year will cover two medical checkups.donate-2
  • $20 per year will cover miscellaneous items (soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.).
  • $29 per year will cover tuition, room and board for one student in secondary school.
  • $38 per year will cover transportation to and from boarding school three times a year.
  • $45 per year will cover school supplies and uniforms.

For a total of $150, or less than 50 cents per day, you can be the difference between poverty and education for a deserving child for an entire school year.