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Meet the man who started it the Burundi Education Fund, Inc: our Visionary and Founder Egide Nimubona.

egide-largeMeet our Founder

Egide Nimubona (pronounced “eh-jeed nee-mou-bona”) is the founder of The Burundi Education Fund, Inc. Egide lives with his wife, son and daughter in Appleton, WI, where he has been a mechanical engineering instructor for over a decade. A beneficiary of the generosity of Christian missionaries in elementary and high schools in Burundi, Egide is convinced that only education, self-reliance and hope for the youth of Burundi can break the vicious cycle of poverty in families and avoid ethnic cleansing and genocides.

Communal Support

Like 90% of children in Burundi, Egide was born and raised in a family surviving on subsistence farming. He can identify with the hardships that many of the children there still face today. Egide fled the Burundi atrocities in 1994 and was welcomed to Canada and the U.S. — where he has become a naturalized U.S. citizen and has embraced new ways of life and generosity.

Egide’s peasant parents made huge sacrifices to give their seven children the opportunity to receive an education. Many times they borrowed money for educational needs – whenever produce, an old cow, or a young bull were not available for sale. Once in a while, Catholic school administrators would simply reduce tuition or waive fees as long as academic performance was satisfactory. To this day, Egide and his siblings feel greatly indebted to their parents, their community, and missionaries for their support. They also acknowledge that many children have become orphans to civil war and HIV/AIDS. Yet even when children still have parents, families are often too poor to afford annual school tuition. So it is from a sense of communal support, generosity and hope that inspired Egide to create the Burundi Education Fund, Inc.