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Posted on by Burundi Education Fund

Summer is a time for fun and adventure. Why not think about hosting one of our wonderful students for a few days, a few weeks or perhaps for the entire summer?   This is a great opportunity to learn what it is like to enter into the HOST FAMILY WORLD!

Summer host families are not expected to “entertain” our students; families are simply asked to share your day to day family life with a student. While hosting we ask that you provide the student with meals and a faith-filled and loving family. Students have medical insurance and spending money of their own. They do not need to have a room of their own.

Take a trip to Africa this summer without leaving home! Become a host family to a student from Burundi, Africa and learn all about Burundi’s culture, its language and its people. Our students are filled with stories of life in Africa. They are outgoing, fun-loving and responsible young adults who would very much like to have the opportunity to meet you!

Why not consider hosting a student this summer? Homes are needed for both boys and girls, ages  sixteen through eighteen.   Think about it and pray about it! We are looking for the unique and special family who always has room for one more! Contact Nancy Jodarski at nancyjodarski@at.net/920-810-3210 to learn more.

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