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My Experiences at Lourdes Academy High School – Seraphine Kabogora

Posted on by Steve Fischer


Hello everyone, I would like to say thank you very much for providing me a wonderful opportunity to attend Lourdes Academy High School for my studies. In 2 years here, I have lived with 2 different families where people generously share what they have. Their generosity has inspired me a lot. Coming to USA where I can walk on the lake and do snowmobiling, it has been a very incredible time to live in this country because I see what I have never seen in my life. I was impressed to come to a new school where I did not know anyone and I could not understand anything in class because people spoke English so fast. Besides that, when I started volleyball season, I could not get any terms they use for volleyball instructions, but people were so nice t o help me to understand.

The most important feature for me is how I am lucky to be able to try science experiments in a real lab. It has opened my eyes to see how to read carefully the procedure for any experiment. It is my first time to be in a lab working on experiments. scientistI entered my class, with no ideas about Labs material or how to make a thesis or conclusion, I was quite confused and nervous about what was going to happen on the next day. Yet now I can work with my partners and my favorite experiment is on the “water hardness” because I can identify the hardness of water by dissolving substances into the water and check how easy is the dissolution of the substance into water. The teachers are so kind, they help me most of the time. As a Catholic School, Lourdes Academy also provides me with a strong inspiration through the mass.

I am so glad that I have done some scholars (field trips) in Junior and Senior year to be able to visit different places in Wisconsin and see how people are creative. I am so glad to have gone to Madison where I got a chance to go inside a government building for the first time, it has been a great deal to see the statues of the people who have been important in the history of the state.IMG_20180518_131802


At Lourdes I participate in various activities. I have been in Volleyball, Track, Dance team, and 2 musicals. I enjoy that time with other students and have a chance to be in different teams where I can imagine my potentialities in different activities. I was pleased to participate in Track and Field. My first meet was a big challenge to me, I was  nervous, since I had never been in track.

girls track2I ran with others who were quicker than I am, and at that time, I was wondering why I decided to run track but I ran anyway and I experienced something I did not expect to happen by being the third of five runners. Since that day, I became more confident. I am really proud of being  at Lourdes Academy because it encourages all students to expand their academic, physical, and social competences. 

I am in Chemistry Club, Campus Ministry Club, Tomorrow’s Leaders Club, and International Club. The clubs are so interesting for me. For example, in Chemistry Club, some  experiments are demonstrated, the Campus Ministry Club is based on how we have to be creative in decorations for any upcoming event. Tomorrow’s Leaders Club teaches me about the leadership and International Club teaches me a lot about other country’s culture.

I enjoy my time here and I can’t imagine how I have been in this country of advanced technologies where I use internet and computer easily. To be able to use a computer has been a very different way to study or to work on my homework and has made me able to improve my research. It has been a challenge to me to be able to study everything in a different language and where the culture is so different from where I come from. I feel happy and grateful for that and I hope I will be learning more for the rest of my time at Lourdes Academy High School.      Thank you very much.

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