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Press Release: Live! Benefit Auction

Posted on by Steve Fischer


Burundi Education Fund, Inc. Hosts Live Auction to Benefit the Burundi Refugee School Children in Rwanda and Uganda, Africa

Appleton, April 7, 2021—The Burundi Education Fund, Inc. (BEF) invites anyone and everyone to a live, in person Benefit Auction on June 5, 2021 to be held at the Long Cheng Marketplace 1804 S. Lawe Street, Appleton. The auction will start at 9:00 a.m. with inspection and the bidding starts at 10:00. No advance registration is needed and we will comply with any COVID restrictions that may still be in place at that time.

The auction will feature a wide variety of items in at least 500 lots. Included will be vintage collectibles, toys, games, china, dinnerware and a large number of US and foreign coins. For more information on the contents of the auction see the website of our auctioneer: Bob J. Loderbauer Auctions and Estates, LLC https://www.loderbauerauction.com/Live-Auctions.html 

“We have not had a Benefit Auction for Refugee school children.” said Egide Nimubona, the founder and Director of the BEF. “Unrest in Burundi has threatened the future of the children of Burundi. Many are exiles from their homes, living in Refugee Camps in neighboring countries. BEF supports them, to start and continue basic education that will improve their lives.”

The Auction will take place at Long Cheng Marketplace which is a Hmong Community facility located between Lawe and Carpenter Streets in south Appleton. The Marketplace features a food court, Oriental grocery store and many traditional craft booths. “It is appropriate that the Hmong, who were themselves refugees in Asia, should help the children of Burundi who are now refugees in Africa,” Egide said.

The BEF hopes through this auction to raise both awareness of the plight of the young people of Central Africa and to raise funds for both immediate needs and to build an endowment to continue supporting education into the future.

About BEF: The Burundi Education Fund, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity registered in WI and founded by Egide Nimubona, himself a former refugee from Burundi, who now teaches Mechanical Engineering at Fox Valley Technical College in Appleton, WI.

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