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Refugee Children in Rwanda

Attending to refugee needs in Rwanda

Rwanda Experience

With the political unrest in Burundi since April 2015, our focus has shifted to children who fled their homeland and became refugees in neighboring Rwanda to the north. Many of these children have already lost 1 (or more) parent(s). Burundi Education Fund, Inc. is sponsoring hundreds of students to attend elementary and secondary school.

In the Mahama United Nations Refugee Camp, tuition fees are waived for refugee students; therefore, we dedicate our resources elsewhere.Mahama CampIMG-20160714-WA0015IMG-20160714-WA0017

In the capital, Kigali, and various other cities throughout this small country, we support Burundi students attending both public and private schools. This support includes tuition & fees, supplemental food support to families, and micro-loans to parents so they can create a way to provide for themselves. We’ve found that secondary school students attain better results while attending boarding schools because there they escape the trauma of food insecurity, cramped quarters, and the various stresses that derive from inadequate living conditions.

So far we have helped 400 students in Rwanda.