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Rotary Club – World Service Grant

Posted on by Steve Fischer

Through the years, people and organizations too numerous to specify have been very generous benefactors to aid us on our mission to educate the children of Burundi. Several Rotary Club chapters have been key contributors along the way, just 3 (of the many) examples,

  • the Appleton, Neenah, & Menasha (WI) clubs have been a significant source of support as we have developed the BEF organization
  • Kigali club welcomed us and helped make connections with schools in Rwanda
  • Kampala club members hosted, housed, and transported us as we established operations in Uganda

These days we provide more comprehensive assistance in order to support our student’s educational objectives http://www.educateburundi.org/comprehensive-support-for-students/  Today we are pleased to announce our first partner-provider towards these ends.

The World Service Committee of the Rotary Club gives grants in honor of the club’s international service activities. The grant themes for 2021 include fighting Disease [#COVID-19] and providing clean water. Today they have awarded BEF a very generous $9500 grant dedicated towards the health and healing of our already qualified students and/or their immediate family members.


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