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Summer Host Families (Summer 2015)

Posted on by Burundi Education Fund

Are you being called to open your heart and home to a student from Burundi, Africa ?  Burundi High School
Students in USA is searching for one “SUMMER HOST FAMILY”  and additional  “HOST FAMILIES  for the 2015-
2016 school year.”  Host families change a child’s life forever; students who are hosted change a host family’s
life forever as well!

Host families are unique, selfless, faith-filled  families who believe there is always room for “one more” in their
home and in their hearts.  Host families are  asked to  provide a home, meals and transportation to and from
school for the student; they are not expected to financially support the student with basic needs.
Host families welcome a Burundian student, not as a guest, but as a part of their family.  During their hosting
experience, host families are provided with continued support from the committee members of BHSSUSA.
Donations from  our generous donors to the Burundi Solidarity Fund assist students with purchasing clothing,
school supplies, spending money  etc.


Jess Shaka arrived in Wisconsin last August and joined the sophomore class at St. Francis Xavier High School in
Appleton. He is in need of a summer host family and a host family for the 2015-2016 school year.  Jess’s wit
and passion for life make him a joy to be around!  He is a young man who absorbed himself in his new culture
by participating in Xavier soccer, CYO basketball, school and community theater, forensics and church choir.

Jess’ presence in your family will bring laughter, compassion and an opportunity to learn about  the needs of his country.

Michee Muhumbo currently attends Lourdes Academy in Oshkosh and will need a host family for the 2015-2016 school year. Michee has been active in soccer, baseball, chemistry club, campus ministry and literary club.

This fall Michee will begin his third and final year at Lourdes Academy and is very much in hopes of attending
college in the United States after his high school graduation.  Michee will catch you off guard with his keen
sense of humor!

Please pray about the invitation to host a student from Burundi, one of the poorest countries in the world and
the hungriest country in the world (USA Today 2014).  We have so much — they have so little.  To learn more
about hosting a student, please contact Nancy Jodarski @att.net/920-810-3216.

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