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Supplemental Nutrition Assistance

Family Support Program

Give a man a fish…yet sometimes he really needs a fish!


  • For an impoverished family, its hard to scrape together the funds to send a child to school
  • For a student, its hard to concentrate on studies when one’s thinking about if/when the next meal will come

Receiving Food SupplyIn 2017, we discovered that several students have a hard time studying and even staying in school due to hunger/food scarcity. Losing students because of food shortfalls is tantamount to throwing away money and squandering the investment we’ve already made into their lives.  So the Burundi Education Fund determined that it would be a wise use of our resources to provide monthly, supplemental nutritional assistance to families of some of the students whom we sponsor. Our Rwandan managing team determines which families are most in need of support based on family size, income, and number of students enrolled.

To those families, $30/month makes all the difference in the world! It helps the mother of a family of 6 to buy the rice, potatoes, dried beans, black tea, & sugar she needs throughout the month. You will notice that no mention was made of bread and milk; those are considered to be luxury items. And meat? That’s a super-luxury.