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Supporting a Transfer Student

Join us in offering exceptional Burundian students a chance to continue their high school education in the USA and learn American values that will transform their homeland.

supporting-a-transfer-studentLeaders of Tomorrow

1 of our former high school students graduates from University of Mary (Bismark, ND) in May,  2021!

This program was discontinued in 2019.


Since 2013, the Burundi Education Fund has supported a transfer student program that gives Burundi students the opportunity to continue their high school education in the United States.  Our Burundi High School Students in the USA program is highly selective and is based on a  student’s current academic performance, Christian values  and leadership abilities.

Meet accepted students to Lourdes Academy, Oshkosh, WI for 2017-18 academic year


Seraphine Kabogora

SeraphineIMG-20160414-WA0030 Seraphine In front of the house Seraphine IMG-20160414-WA0040 Seraphine IMG-20160414-WA0019 Seraphine Fire wood Seraphine Extended family Seraphine Cooking at home Seraphine Caring water Seraphine Caring gifts Seraphine At homethumbnail_imagethumbnail_image (1)IMG_20180518_131802IMG_20180501_184339IMG_20180416_101358

Clarisse Muterateka

Clarisse Clarisse With parents Clarisse Shoping for clothes Clarisse photo 20 Clarisse Our garden Clarisse My bed at home Clarisse Muterateka Clarisse Muterateka Cooking with mom Clarisse Family and friendsIMG-20180922-WA0001imagejpeg_2IMG_20181122_135816IMG_20181130_192242


Promoting Local Charity

In exchange for entry into this exclusive program, parents in Burundi will sponsor (when financially possible) at least two local impoverished children. This is an excellent way to promote local charity.

supporting-a-transfer-student-2One-Year Commitment and Beyond

The goal of our program is to bring Burundian high school students to America to finish their
education. Because we understand a two-to-four year commitment is too much to ask of a
host family,  we are looking for host families who would be willing to make a one-year
commitment.  These Burundian  students come from extreme poverty; they have no electricity or running water, no flushing toilets and they do not have access to daily healthy meals.  When these children come to live in America, they have an opportunity to learn firsthand how faith, generosity, democracy, and capitalism
in America are improving the world.  It is also an opportunity for host parents, their children, their church, the school and the community to experience a new culture without traveling across the globe.